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Monday, July 30, 2007

Prayers and Questions

Meg has started praying for her family members by name. One day as we were praying at lunch, I said, "Amen," but Meg kept her hands clasped and said "Ben." Yes, I must have forgotten to pray for Ben. At night before bed she prays for each of you by name...Nanny, G-Pa (with a heavy emphasis on the Paw), Shoosh, Lulu, Nana, Pop, Joow, AJ, Aaaa (Landon), Jim and Kist (Aunt Kristyn). The other night, she had just about everyone covered, but she had forgotten Pop. As I lay her down in her bed though, her eyes got really big and she said, "Pop!"

Also, in the mornings she wants to know where everyone is. This morning, specifically, she wanted to know where Shoosh was (Shoosh is in Dallas), Nanny (Nanny is at work) and G-Pa (with a heavy emphasis on the Paw) (G-Pa is sleeping). She was satisfied with those answers and went on about her day!

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the boyd's said...

This is really sweet... When we pray all Caroline will say is "Amen"! :)