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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things my children have taught me about God

Sometimes I think that God gave me children so that He could give me just a little glimpse of the unfathomable amount of love that He must have for us. And to teach me lessons about trusting His ultimate plan for our lives. For example...Meg LOVES to take a bath. And Meg also LOVES to go to the swimming pool. Which one does she love more? They both have water. You can splash in both. You can blow bubbles in both. But the swimming pool wins every time of coarse. It is bigger. It has WAY more water. You can run around at the pool. You can jump up and down in the water at the pool. You get to wear a life jacket and float if you get to deep at the pool. You can play with Will and Sam at the pool. You can't do those things in the tub.

But the other day, she begged and begged, "Please, please, please let me take a bath." And I had to tell her, "Not now," because I knew that we were going to get to go swimming after her morning nap, when she was more rested, and when it was warmer outside. I knew that we were going to get to do something way better than take a bath, but she had to be patient and trust that I know exactly what she really wants, even when she's begging for what she thinks she wants...right now. And so many times with God, we are willing to settle for the bath tub, so that we can have a small amount of water, right now, when in actuality He has a whole swimming pool full of water waiting for us, if we'll just wait and trust that He'll give it to us when we're a little more rested and when it's a little warmer outside.

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