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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Meg occasionally refers to her hands as "cwappas" (that would be "clappers"). She likes to pretend that either her or my "cwappas" are "broken" (that would be, they can't clap). So she says "fix it" (that would be, I'll fix it) and she kisses each hand and voila...the "cwappas" magically clap again! The same thing goes for "tickwas" (ticklers...aka...fingers).

Yesterday as we were driving in the car she wanted to let me know that she had reached over and was holding Ben's hand. She said "hold." I asked her if she was holding Ben's hand and she replied "hold, cwappas!" Yes, she was holding Ben's cwappas!


Melissa said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Sorry we have missed play group so much and haven't seen yall at church. Hope we can all get together soon. Love your blog!

Ashlee said...

Mandy -

I know interesting things have happened in your life since October. When you gonna tell me about it!

Love ya!

Ashlee said...

Mandy, where are you?

Dean, Mila, Parker,& Presley said...

these pictures are beautiful Mandy! I am adding your precious family to our blog roll if you dont mind.