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Monday, September 22, 2008


So, this one happened a while back during my blog hiatus, but I think it bears posting!

I try to give Meg choices whenever I can to help with discipline problems. One day, while we were having a particularly challenging moment, I gave her a set of choices, neither of which were particularly appealing to her. She replied (quite honestly with a very sassy finger in my face (an issue we dealt with later) but also with, "Momma, quit choicing me!"

On another occasion at dinner, I was trying to figure out what Ben needed. Knowing that he can sign both "more" and "all done," I was asking me to tell me if he needed more to eat or if he was finished. He continued to babble on and on, but wouldn't give me a sign either way. From across the table and under her breath, Meg told him, "that wasn't one of your choices, Benny!"

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Ashlee said...

What a fun free spirit! I love it. Meg and I need to spend more time together. She is a crack up with spunk!