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Thursday, February 26, 2009

God is in the Details

Don't you just love it when you see God's hand working out the details?

So here I am, stay-at-home mom of three, three and for Easter outfits was going to happen, when??? And how in the world am I going to find three "coordinating" outfits for two boys and a girl in sizes 6-12 mo., 2T and 4T?

And here's the kicker...stay on budget!!! I mean, sure, I could totally order the precious blue, green and white checked outfits on page 33 of the most recent Orient Expressed catalogue...but unfortunately for me, those three outfits are about $100 more than I think I can reasonably spend. (Plus, I am also still inspired by Queen B's most recent post on ways to save money). So, fancy outfits...out of the question. Might as well just call it all a wash and forget cute Easter pics this year. That's really what I was thinking.

So, a couple of days ago a sweet friend called to say that she was getting ready to sell some of her little boy's clothes...would I want to take a look? Now ya'll know me! I'm all about me some hand me downs...strike that...gently used clothing looking for a new home. And she was sitting in my driveway, ready to bring them into my home. Now, when does that EVER happen? I have the greatest friends, EVER! Promise!

So in looking through the clothes, I found some super, super cute things for Ben to wear...AND she also had something precious for Eli. Two down, one to go.

So, today, I called another dear friend, Keri, who just happened to be out shopping for her two little girls (who are always the most adorable two little things you have ever seen). She said, you know, there really are some super, cute things, here at Once Upon a Child, you should come take a look. Ha! So funny! But then, she offered to go shopping for me! Best friends, EVER, you bet! She got me some of the most amazing things...and brought them to me within the hour! And wouldn't you know...super cute dress, that totally coordinates with the boys outfits!

How do you like that? Three coordinating Easter outfits, right sizes, totally within my budget, without even leaving my home. Is God good, or what??? Take a look!


Anna said...

They'll be the cutest chickies in the Easter parade. What a blessing to have such helpful friends who have the same taste as you.

the boyd girls.... said...

ahh, cute and funny tonight! i am glad you liked the clothes...what are friends for? :) love you to peices...

Amy said...

God is so good and totally knows every need we have! God Rocks! And the outfits are precious!