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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm trying to edit our beach pictures and get them loaded, printed, blogged, scrapbooked, etc. I had a little fun with this family picture. I think I'll have it printed and framed. But I need your opinion on which effect looks the best. The first one is straight out of the camera so that you can compare. You folks out there who are really good at this, I'd love your ideas and constructive criticism! Thanks!

SOOCAcid WashHappy Color

Indie Jane


Amy said...

I prefer sunbleached or happy color. Great photo of a BEAUTIFUL family!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!!!
I prefer Sunbleached!
Aunt Shoo Shoo

the boyd girls.... said...

happy color :)

Laura said...

After careful consideration, happy color is my favorite. I do like the original also, though. The picture is wonderful, so whichever color you go with will be great. Love y'all!

Heidi said...

hey there - wandered over from LK's blog. ;)

Depending on the 'look' you want I like the acid wash for a cottagy vingate feel or sunbleached for bright and happy (how big and what type of frame you'll be using would influence my choice too.) You're family is adorable.

Heidi said...

please ignore my terrible typing that resulted in wacky spelling!!

The Walkers said...

I vote sunbleached and I want to know where you guys were and where you stayed- looks beautiful!!!

Anna said...

I like to original best. Mom