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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As we dropped Meg off on her first day of pre-school, she was so excited I could barely get her to stop long enough to take the obligatory first day of school picture. As she walked in though, I could tell she was the slightest bit nervous because she pulled Jessie (the Cowgirl) out of her backpack, carrying her close as she ventured out to discover her new classroom and meet her new friends. She quickly found her friend Parker playing with the playdough and became so engrossed with the cookie cutters that she didn't even notice when I snuck in to take some more first day pictures.

Favorite First Day Activity: Playing on the Computer
Learned Something New About: Fire Drills (They thought there may have been a fire...but, don't worry, there wasn't, she assured me).
Looking Forward To: Playing on the Slide
Favorite Book of the Day: The Crayon Book that Talked
Favorite Friends' Show and Tells: Caroline's Turtle Shell and Parker's Peacock Feather

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the boyd girls.... said...

ohh, melts my heart! look at our babies growing up... caroline asked if she could have that crayon book for c-mas... must be a great book! :) i am also glad they have their "security" net with eachother! ;)