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Sunday, November 8, 2009


First, I must preface with my attempt to explain war to a 2 and 4 year old.

When Jordan (also see Airforce Bearcat) left for 'Iraqistan', we talked about how "Jobo" was going far away, for a long time. I explained that we need heroes here at home (which was actually a small part of my attempt to encourage Ben not to bite his sister and brother...he needs to be a hero and not a bad guy...but I digress) and we need heroes far away to keep us safe. I would occasionally quiz them as to what Jobo was doing and they would, for the most part, answer, "Jobo is being our hero far away."

BUT. One day. I asked Meg, "What is Jobo doing?" And without hesitation, she replied, "He's shooting the bad guys."

WELL. So much for sugar coating.

SO. Today, I called for Meg and Ben to come downstairs for naps. When I heard no rustle to comply, I increased the intensity of my request by stating "the consequences" for not coming downstairs by the time I counted to three. After the countdown and with still no rustle to comply I marched upstairs and delivered "the consequences."

On the way downstairs, Meg decided to give me some "consequences" of my own.

And I quote. "Momma, if you don't stop giving me consequences, I'm going to have Jobo shoot you, too!" (Insert the mental image of my contorted mouth and bobbing shoulders as I tried my darnedest to conceal my inner outburst of laughter).

Momma, you 'bad guy', you.

In honor of Veterans Day, our Jobo and the families of our troops, I am offering an opportunity for us to show our thanks to our Service Men and Women this Holiday Season. Please click on the icon below for more information on purchasing Christmas Cards for these heroic families.

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