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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Look what Ben can do--and Meg can do it, too!

Ben has really become quite a great jumper in his jumperoo. He gets those legs going and just bounces all over the place. It makes me sad, though, to realize that if he's big enough to be able to jump in the jumperoo, he's grown out of the "itty-bitty baby" stage and he's getting bigger and bigger every day. The itty-bitty baby is growing up as fast as the rubber band wrinkle between his wrist and elbow is disappearing. But as he's growing, he's adding new milestones to his repertoire. He can kick with great fervor, jump up and down in your lap and he just smiles all day long--as long as you're making eye contact with him. Ben LOVES eye contact! The face he makes could light up a room when you look at him in the eyes and smile. But it makes it hard to get anything done while he's awake because I never want to leave him! It's so funny, though, how Meg doesn't seem to understand that, yes, she is the center of our universe, even though she has our undivided and devoted attention and admiration 90% of the time! When we're playing with Ben and comment to him about how big he's kicking, she'll run in and sit herself down on the floor and show us how big SHE can kick. And if we say, "Wow, Ben, look at you jump," she'll run into the room and start jumping right in front of us. Even if we comment on his smile, she'll put the biggest smile on her face and say, "Meg smile!" What a show off! :)

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