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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Saaaem and Wull...AKA Sam and Will

We had a great day at the pool today with our friends the Stays, Johnsons and Chisms. Meg is just enamored with "Saaaem," but only when he's not around. Every time that we drive by Patrick's (where we occasionally grab a burger with the Chisms) or we pass the Chism's house on a walk, Meg gets very excited and screams, "Saaaem!" A couple of weeks ago, Meg just couldn't get enough of Sam. She just wanted to give him hug after hug. (Unfortunately, Sam was not quite interested in reciprocating). But then other times, like today, she is pretty much oblivious to the fact that Sam is even around. We've decided that she's just playing hard to get! Will, on the other hand, is such a huge help to this one mom trying to watch two children. He invites Meg to play, helps her into the swings, makes sure she doesn't get too far from her mom and he entertains Ben, who (bless his heart), often times is forced to spend the majority of his time in his car seat while Mom makes sure that Meg keeps her head above water! But from the look on his face, it appears that Ben loves Will and Sam just about as much as Meg does. Which speaks volumes because Sam has been the first person Meg has prayed for the last three nights. And tonight Will was a very close second! Even before Oscar the Grouch and Momma! (Be sure to click on these pictures so that you can see Ben's full expressions). Thank you, Will!

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