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Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Benny is the Spaceship"

So, whenever Ben wakes up, Meg can't wait to go and greet him! As soon as I tell her it's okay, she runs to his room yelling, "I comin' Benny!" Then when she opens the door I can hear her say, "Here I am." Then she crawls into his bed and they play until I go get them. But on Friday, I heard Ben whimpering and after it didn't stop, I went in to find that Meg had Ben pinned on his stomach, much like a wrestling move, and wasn't letting him get up. After giving her a stern warning about not hurting Ben, she informed me with all sincerity (and in her mind completely justifying her actions), "But Mom, I'm being an astronaut and Benny is the spaceship!"

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