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Friday, September 19, 2008


Oh, how I wish you could all see Ben's reaction every time he hears an airplane in the sky. I guess I should start by telling you all how when Uncle Jo-Bo (Jordan) took us to the Columbus Air Force Base to watch the planes take off and land, Ben was mesmerized, saying, "hi" and waving to every plane as it passed. Now, no matter what he's doing outside, if he hears a plane, he immediately stops, raises his arms and says "air-bo, air-bo" until the plane is gone. Air-bo, of course, is the combination of the two words, "airplane" and "Jo-bo." Pretty good, for our little man of few words!

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Ashlee said...

I love the Top Gun music. I know you were referencing your brother but it took me back to the "Tom Cruise is hot" days not the current "Tom Cruise is strange and scary days!"