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Monday, September 15, 2008


McDonalds finally retired the Star Wars toys from the Happy Meals (thank goodness for the sake of our baby naming options (see post below)) and the new toys are Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander Dolls!!!! Just a little background for those who may not know...Laura and I are HUGE Wicked Fans and our mom raised us to love the Madame Alexander Collection of dolls (Madame Alexander Little Women Meg now decorates Meg's bedroom) so put the two together and we have a perfect combination here! Tonight, we made it home with Dorothy and Toto but we are definitely on the look out for at least two Wicked Witches (one for Meg and one for Laura) as well as the other main characters from WofO (not so much the munchkins or flying monkeys). So, family members, if you wouldn't mind to help us be on the look out, we would appreciate it! (You can actually purchase just the toys and not feel obligated to consume all the extra calories)! Just post a comment below so everyone knows which ones we still need! Ya'll are the greatest!!!!


the boyd girls.... said...

just fyi we went today, and got dorthy, glenda and a monkey....i guess we will collect too! ;)

Laura said...

Did you mention in your blog how you and I responded in the exact same way when Meg started playing with the doll? What was it? Something about being careful, the doll is delicate, special, something like that? Maybe no one else cares except Mom, who instilled within us a deep reverence for Madam Alexander.

Mandy said...

Thank you to Nanny and G-Pa for the Cowardly Lion and two Wicked Witches!!! There's one waiting for you, Lulu, next time you come to visit (which is Sunday night, I think). Our collection is looking great!!! --M