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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Things

Meg has said and done a couple of sweet things that I thought I'd pass along.

Yesterday, I caught Ben playing in the trash can...again. So, I spanked his little hand and told him, "no, no." When I looked up, I saw Meg's face, obviously distraught that Ben was being spanked. She immediately ran over, gently picked up his hand, gave it a kiss and told him he was "all better."

Then, last night Brian and I were talking with Meg about how tiny her new little brother is going to be when we bring him home from the hospital. As she questioned us some more and processed the information she said to me, "Maybe when the baby in your tummy goes to sleep, I sing him Baby Mine." (That's one of the songs I always sang to Meg and Ben as babies while I rocked them to sleep. She remembers!!!).

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