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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So, as I finished up some chores around the house, I walked into the family room and this sweet image is what I saw. A loving sister and brother, sitting together in a laundry basket, enjoying the Imagination Movers on The Disney Channel and sharing their Cheerios ever so peacefully. Filled with a moment of "ahh, all is right with the world, my children are happy and content" I snapped this quick picture. Then remembering that my youngest child was taking his morning nap, I did what any mother of three who hasn't showered since Sunday morning would do, I insanely decided that I might could sneak away to take a quick shower. Ha!!! Half way through the shower, Meg came in and delivered the message that Ben was up to his old tricks again. She was right. When I got out of the shower, this is what I saw.

So much for my peaceful morning.


Amy said...

But you wouldn't trade it for anything, I am sure! They are all so cute!

Ashlee said...

How sweet. Your children were having a little picnic together! Why must you stifle their wonderful bonding moments?:) At least you didn't have to make lunch!