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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poor Ben...he just needs 1 more inch!!!

Okay, so we apparently need a little Silver Dollar City help!

Brian took the day off on Friday so we packed up the family (2 adults, 3 kiddos three and under) and headed to Branson. It was such a beautiful day. We couldn't have asked for better weather. What we could have asked for was a better plan.

Neither Brian or I had been to SDC since we were kids. Needless to say, we were a little lost. We did look at a map and made it to where I thought the kid rides might be. When we got there we discovered that the rides were for kids 36 inches and taller. Poor Ben...he's exactly 34 1/2 inches...which is apparently good enough if a youngster is manning the rides. But not good enough if the crotchety old man is monitoring the exact same ride five minutes later. I guess I'm glad that there are people there looking out for the safety of my family, but it was so sad to see Ben's little face peering through the bars at Daddy and Meggy as they rode together.

As soon as we got home we found a pair of Landon's old tennis shoes that Ben can wear next time. That gives him 1/2 an inch. So he just needs to grow one more inch! Pray for a growth spurt!

After the fact, we learned that there are some little green frogs...maybe some butterflies...somewhere that Ben could have ridden...but yeah...we never found those.

We did find the train...that was fun. Eli screamed the saddest little scream every time they blew the whistle. Ben really just wanted to climb over all the seats...and all the people in the seats. Meg sat still, though. Did I mention it was a beautiful day... (That was the best part).

Meg did a little jig as soon as she got off the tea cup ride. Oh, to not have to contain your inner joy!
These were from Ben's one ride. Thank you sweet youngster not doing your job!

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?
We are SO going back! We're going to figure this place out! (But without the double stroller).

I need to know what you like to do when you go! Seriously...we need help!!!

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Sara Leiffer said...

Oh, poor Ben! My youngest neice was in the same boat when we went last Fall. Yes, you do need to find the frogs, butterflies, and ladybugs...Ryan LOVED those and could have road all day if we let him. We brought Grandparents along so we got to ride some big people rides too!