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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ben's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Ben! You're the big TWO today!

Because Ben tends to be more of an independent soul who loves to play more with a buddy than in a big group, we decided to forgo the big party this year, and opt instead for 'Ben's Special Day' and a trip to Silver Dollar City. We're hoping to make him feel like a super star today, instead of him getting lost in the crowd at a shin dig. I think it's working!!!

We made it to Branson on Saturday and had a fabulous time! Not much time in lines and lots and lots of rides! He drug us from frogs to caterpillars to ladybugs and back to the 'froggies' and we even got to dance in the rain!

And today is Ben's Special Day. Ben, Meg and I made a cake this morning and they got to lick the bowl. We had a special lunch with cake and candles for desert. Tonight for dinner, we're doing a picnic in the park followed by a trip to the ice cream shop.

Enjoy these messy cake pics from this morning.

And if you think about it, give Ben a call to wish him a Happy Day! He loves to talk on the phone and feels like such a big boy when he gets to hold the phone 'all by self'! (Even if you don't read this till a few days from now, he'll never know). Thanks to aunts and uncles who have already called or emailed! You're helping him to feel very special!

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the boyd girls.... said...

We love you, Ben! You are a precious little boy!!! Happy Birthday!!!