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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creatively Sharing My Faith

My fabulous friend, Holley, posted on her blog an interview with someone who I really think should be one of my new best friends, Jeanna Winters. She's a crafty gal who loves finding new ways to share her faith and encourage others! (Remind you of anyone you know???) She wrote a new book called Inspirational Home: Simple Ideas for Uplifting Decor and Craft. (Hmmmm...hubby...I'm remembering that Mother's Day and a certain birthday are just around the corner).

But I digress. In order to win a copy of Jeanna's book, I must post about a crafty way that I have recently shared my faith, so I thought I would share some ideas on the blog as well!

One of my very favorite craft supplies are the clear, plastic badge/id holders that can be found at Wal-Mart or any office supply store. A million and one uses for these nifty things!

1) Purse sized photo album. Cut your photos to size (or use your scrapbooking supplies to make mini pages), plop them in the pouch, attach a ring and 3 or 4 or thirty ribbons...done!

2) Bookmarks. I love quotes and verses. And I love bookmarks. So I make my own. I loved the list of quotes that Holley posted a few days ago. They are printed out and ready to be crafted (in my next hour of spare time). Write or print the quote on cardstock (or use your scrapbooking supplies to make mini pages), plop it in the pouch, attach 3 or 4 or thirty ribbons...done! These make super presents to stuff in birthday cards! (You could even make a mini book of verses that you've been wanting to memorize and pull your book out when you're stopped at a stop light or standing in line at the store).

3) My latest project was inspired by the Seven Prayers a Day idea from the Story of Audry Caroline blog. I made a mini digital scrapbook page for each prayer, plopped them in the pouches, attached a ring and 3 or 4 or thirty ribbons...done! And here's how they turned out!


Amy said...

Love them all! You are so creative!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Kristina said...

Thanks for posting this! I needed a friendly reminder to get going on my ms...

The Walkers said...

Can I order prayer cards for my family? I am serious! Please email me