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Friday, April 24, 2009

Ben's Thank You and Coolest Umple

{you may want to turn off the music for this post...lots to listen to...just scroll down press pause on the pink playlist on the right}

Umple Jobo was one of the many who remembered to call Ben on his birthday. (Again, thank ya'll who called...he truly knew it was his special day). We had to leave a message when we called Jobo back and Jobo is just cool enough to know how to save it and send it to me in an email.

Hope you all enjoy hearing Ben's voice (as well as my prompts) on his 2nd birthday. I hope I never forget just how sweet this little angel is.

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Also, I just have to include Jobo's email to me this morning. Bennett Tharel Baker is named after the many great Tharel men in his legacy, but especially after my more than amazing brother who I view as a man after God's own heart. I pray that both my boys will grow up to be just like him.

Jobo included this song which just might be one of the sweetest songs of all time. You're going to love it (almost as much as we love our Jobo)!

{from J} Hey, I can't tell you how much i enjoyed hearing ben's message u left the other day, i listened to it over and over, and made lincoln and abby listen to it too - i realized i'd prolly loose it in a week or so, so i figured out how to record it, and I also was able to crop u out to make it just of him, although i like it with you in there better... i'm so thankful i get to be a part of his life and it really makes me strive to be a better man, laura told me about this song and it means a lot to me, hope all these attachments fit - love u guys


Laura said...

Thank you so much, both of you, for sharing in this post! I love you guys and echo what Jordan says about the joy of being part of your lives. I'm watching Star Trek: The Next Generation right now and thinking of both of you! Love you guys.

Anna said...

You didn't warn me to have tissues handy! I love all of you so much! I need to read those lyrics. This post has just made my day. I thank God for such a wonderful family. I have not erased any of the children's messages from my answering machine and wish I could preserve them forever, they are so sweet.Love, Mom