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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Have I mentioned my sweet friend Holley? (maybe here or here)... Reading her blog just inspires me to write (and I'm totally not a writer so that's a big deal). She just wrote a blog about how 'not cool' she is. She even included her 'not cool' pictures from junior high and high school. (Two brave points to you!)

{Sidenote: Facebook...why is it that no one posts the good pictures of us in junior high and high school...only the ones that we really wish we could Holley's case and in mine, the ones with the HUGE bangs and embarrassing footwear selections. A big thank you to all my dear friends that insist on forcing me to relive those oh, so painful years.} thought is...uncool sisters...UNITE! We've all been there. 'Everyone knows the feeling'. And it is truly by the grace of God that we are what we are today. Isn't it nice to know that now, we've made it past those years and we can sit back and laugh at the junior high trends gone by?

So in support of Holley (and in hopes that ALL my girlfriends will do the know who you are...I will be checking your blogs in anticipation of your pictures) I'm posting some of my most embarrassing pictures for you today. Holley mentioned loafers with white mom couldn't find my loafers picture, but I think this one will suffice. (Could the rise on those jeans be any higher, or the pant lets any shorter? And how 'bout that braided belt. Ya'll remember that one?)

And then let's not forget the facebook message that I received last week, letting me know that my 7th grade homecoming picture had been posted in all it's glory. I couldn't find that exact picture, but here's what I looked like that day. Sigh...I think the picture speaks for itself. 'Everyone knows the feeling'.

{Sidenote: Bangs...I worked forever in the mornings to get that front part curled down and that back part curled back to create that perfect little rainbow...only to be mortified half way through the day to catch a glimpse of my shadow and notice that my perfect little rainbow and split right down the middle...anyone know that feeling?}

So back to my sweet friend. Holley, while we may not be cool, I want you to know that you are inspiring. You inspire me to write. You inspire me through your book and devotions to connect daily with my heavenly father. You inspire me to be thankful for my children and never take them for granted. Your cards inspire joy in the hearts of my friends. You're inspiring!

And how about a theme song for our walk down memory lane. My sister, Lulu, introducing me to all things great, including this song by Ben Rector, The Feeling. Isn't it good to know we're not in this alone. Queens of Uncoolness...UNITE!


Holley said...

Yes, Mandy, I love you for sharing sharing in my uncoolness! I think I had a dress that would have matched yours. What was that material those things were made of? It's probably illegal now. And the braided belt, oh, the memories. Thanks for the smile and encouraging words. Going to post a link to here on my blog now...

Amy said...

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy...what memories you have brought back! I'll be adding my own special post this week. Check it out!

popmimi said...

I well remember you in junior high, and you were adorable!!! Definitely a cool gal!
Mimi2Seven (Cathy D.)